인스타그램 사진, 2017 - 2020

버려진 박카스 병들을 찍은 사진을 인스타그램 계정(@energetic_k)에 '#에너제틱코리아', '#enrgetickorea'라는 해쉬태그와 함께 업로드 하고 있다. 


photos of discarded Bacchus found on the street, Instagram, 

2017 - 2020

If you go to a convenience store in Korea, you can find more than fifteen kinds of energy drinks in the refrigerator. Among them, “Bacchus” is one of the original Korean energy drink products, being established in 1961. 


This is an ongoing project that documents discarded Bacchus bottles whenever I encounter them on the streets. I post it with the hashtag #energetickorea( #에너제틱코리아 ) on Instagram.

IG account @energetic_k